September 28, 2010

Videos for Everyone

    Here is a little something for Everyone:

And here is another:

    And last, but certainly in no way the least:

    I hope that you have enjoyed the videos as much as I have. When I find some more 'gems' such as these, I'll be sure to share them with you all. 


-I'm starting to worry that I may be unable to provide two, quality insights every post. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to try my hardest to keep that from becoming reality. 
-Frequent bike-riding can lead to leg and posture problems if you are not careful to diversify your activities. Bowing of the legs can occur if too much biking is done, and it is important to make sure your entire body receives the fullest range of motions when working out.


  1. Great vids man especially Sesame street hehe Nostalgia'd hard on that one.

  2. Oh man i love sesame street
    Good old times

  3. awe i used to love sesame street.

  4. Liked the vids and if you can't do two insights it'll still be fine. =p

  5. Grew up on Sesame Street. Katy Perry doesn't DESERVE elmo boobs, ugly cunt!

  6. Bro, these vids are creeping me out

  7. In response to your comment on my page, I haven't exactly written them as I wake up. I usually have to rush to start my day so I can't write them immediately, but I replay the dreams in my head over and over until I get a chance to write them down. Because of this I'm sure I'm forgetting some dreams, but it's the best I can do.

    Also, I don't ever feel like biking again now lmao

  8. ^
    Yeah, it takes an Extreme amount of pure biking for that to happen. So it's just a warning that you don't even need really...
    ...but that's how Vernin rollz!
    Well, keep the dreams coming man. They're clearly written for the circumstance.

  9. wow, those are some skanky lookin cg women, where do you find this stuff lol?

  10. Great post man. Keep in touch... Look forward to more.

  11. sweet, keep posting more videos

  12. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)