September 27, 2010

Do aliens really live amongst us?

     So I thought I would take a little time tonight and post some art and a great video by an accomplished mycologist.

     If you like mushrooms as much as I do, and you think of them as alien and intelligent. Then this video could be for you. 
And also, if you are just generally interested in mushrooms and would like a great array of facts and imagery, then this video is for you as well.

Paul Stamets - 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

     (I was trying to insert the video on here, but my rat-brain could not comprehend..) 

    Vernin is also a very big art fan. So tonight is a special post involving some strange, and sometimes provocative art works. 

    First off is a personal favorite artist whom I have discovered only recently. He is known very well for his character/concept designs in A K I R A .

Tatsuyki Tanaka
Vernin's 1st featured artist.


These all come from Tanaka's book entitled: Cannabis Works
I highly suggest it. 

 Strangely enough, there isn't too much info out there on the guy. And he hasn't done as much as one might expect. 
But regardless, he is one of the best illustrators I have ever seen in my life.

There isn't room on this blog to give these images justice. They are incredibly detailed and accurate, and the artistic process is amazing. Tanaka does his work in mechanical-pencil and then simply scans them and does highlighting and colouring in Adobe. I have been studying his technique for some time now...

Send me a message if you would like additional information on Tanaka. Serious inquiries only please. 

    Next are some random, mostly anonymous works. 

I've decided that each visual-art post will include a featured artist. 
(next time will be Dali, including some very rare, excellent paintings that I'd be surprised if you had seen.)

The last two were by: Tom Ormound


    There you have it. That's all I have time for tonight. 
If you have any questions about any of the works, I'd be happy to help answer them if possible. 

Thanks for visiting! And keep an open mind!
-Vernin The Rat

              Confucius is responsible for some of my 
                    favorite quotes. They are simple, 
                      and infinitely helpful to me, personally.

If you experience a mosquito problem near your home patio, keeping a wasp nest in your yard can prove to be effective. I have kept two up this year, one back behind the shed, and another under the car-port. They have not been aggressive in the slightest and I haven't even Seen a mosquito in my yard this year. 


  1. Once again, your post is bizarre, but very interesting. Love it!

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