September 25, 2010

3:24am - Time to post some images.

    The crickets are loud tonight. Yet, I still leave the windows open. I saw a lot of fallen leaves today, and I can't hardly believe it is becoming autumn again. What a strange season it is...So to get my mind off of the horrible fact that our beloved summer comes to an end - I'm going to post some select images from my personal collection. 
 In honor of the crickets and their fine, diligent service this year: I'd like to post a link.

  This episode of Vernin's Rat-nest will be random themed, with a hint of Japan. It'd be too boring for me if I were to just post them by themselves, so I'll be giving explanations of some.


Kirosuma at his book signing in Nagoya.

Kirosuma's theory: "When whipped-cream is applied to the breasts of a female human, and when those breasts are then subjected to examination by young, prosperous 'ladder-babies,' there is a highly probable chance that I will be able to further combat my addiction to alcohol."    -Kirosuma, speaking on the behalf of his newest book entitled: B-Balla'z

"Kirosuma has an impressive way with the world, and his books have received a cult-like following that is unmatched by anything in this physical realm."   -Habi Ewoley, director of the Humanzee's

That is a very good question.

It's been fun. 
But now I must enter into a slumber. 
I hope you've enjoyed the images and information on Kirosuma as much as I have! 

This is Vernin, signing off. Have a nice meal and keep watching the skies!  

-Much happiness can be achieved by taking a walk in the forest. And even more can be found when one takes time to be quiet and listen to what surrounds them. 
-The internet is one of man's most powerful tools. Like the mycelium structures that fungi produce to network themselves, we too have connected all most all of the world together. In time I think it could rival the effectiveness of the fungi networks if only it is to preserve it's freedom.


  1. One of the most bizarre posts i've seen.

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