October 3, 2010

Vernin's Reviews - Volume One

    Welcome to the first volume of Vernin's Reviews. In this, I'll be reviewing a documentary, an SNES game, a PC Game, a cartoon and one product that I have purchased lately.
    One thing worth mentioning before I get started: I rarely will be reviewing things of poor quality. My tastes have become very refined ever since my contact with humans via the internet. And because of this, I'd rather not waste my time with anything that is not great. So don't be surprised to see many 10/10's in my reviews. The reviews are more of a way to spread information about all of the good things I have experienced and I've never been too good at being a critic. 

Documentary - The Machine That     Changed The World            
 (AKA: The Dream Machine)
    This five-part documentary is probably the best I've ever seen so far. It has an incredible amount of information, great footage, and awesome interviews. 
    The documentary details the creation and growth of the computer. A tool that, I for one, sometimes take for granted. I had always wanted to know more about how my desktop PC came to be in my room- And this documentary has answered all of my questions.
    It's a charming documentary, in that it was filmed in 1992. You can expect plenty of imagery consisting of huge computers, retro integrated circuits and great interviews from the creators of the first radio-tube computer. 

I Vernin, give it a 10 out of 10. 
-In account of it's overwhelming amount of information, classy directing style, and addictiveness levels- I just couldn't bare to give it any less than a ten. 

By all means, check it out for yourself:

SNES GAME - Super Smash TV
    For all of you old-timers out there: You may remember this classic SNES game. (I myself didn't get a copy until about 3 years ago.) It is a fast paced game that requires a great deal of concentration. And it's music and graphics take one back to a simpler day- A day in which video games had a large amount of soul.
    The premise of the game: You are a criminal fighting for your freedom. If you make it through the gauntlet of ridiculous rooms and boss-fights, then you become a free man. The only catch is that it is an incredible task, and if you fail to achieve it- you die. 
    The game features three different Zones. Each consists of a grid of rooms in which you can navigate through in different orders. (Certain room paths can lead to prize rooms in which you frantically gather up money, and big prizes such as- VCR's, TV's and Vacations.)
    It also features a great multiplayer mode. It really is one of the funnest 2-player games I have ever witnessed. And with two people, you can actually progress a lot farther. 

I Vernin, give it 10 out of 10
    The boss battles are fun and distinct, the action is non-stop and there are apparently secrets in the game too. (You acqiure keys, and I still have not figured them out) So this, combined with it's stellar graphics and memorable quotes gives SSTV a 10 out of 10.

Check out this boss-battle footage: Mutoid Man (I love em)

PC Game - Cosmic Break
     Cosmic Break is an online game that you play through a downloaded client. It is completely free (I'm not sure if that will last) and it is still under development. In the game you play as different robots in 3rd-person. You can customize the parts on your robots and battle them against other human players in arenas. You can also invite people to quest with you.
    The game is fairly simple and it is easily downloaded. So it's really worth checking out. It's also very challenging. Some of the robots in the arena take mine out in a few shots, so you gotta really have some skillz with the mouse to progress. However, the arena gives you great experience even if you lose; So there is no reason not to jump right in with all of the other advanced players. 
    There are a few things that I personally see as downsides to the game, such as the questing mode and the story-line. But it is really hard for me to complain, seeing as this game is completely free And of high quality.

Here is a screenshot of one of my 7 robots: APACHE 
 ==Click Image, see it full-sized==
    Apache is a spear-fighter with fast ground movement and a light machine-gun. But it is also horrible at air combat and has light armor.  

I Vernin, give it an 8 out of 10
The game is still under development, so I think a lot of the problems I experienced may eventually be fixed, but at the moment it isn't quite 10/10 status. 

Cartoon - Robotech: The Macross Saga
    Any fan of older 1980's animes should already know about this strange series. It is about a young pilot that learns many things about himself and others, all while trying to protect his planet. Advanced alien technology has been reverse-engineered to create "variable fighters." (They're essentially transformable F-14 Tomcats) The series also incorporates a very accurate love circle. 
    There is a lot to love about Robotech: TMS. But for anyone who has seen gundam- there will be a lot to hate as well. One thing I noticed is that you will see the same scenes and frames countless times. And the animation becomes sub-par at certain times. Also if you watch the entire series: There is no way you will not get Minmei's song stuck in your brain. Oh! Here it is!!

    All in all though, I enjoyed watching it and it has a place in my little rat heart. I especially enjoyed what they did with the characters at the end. Minmei gets what she deserves, and so does Lisa..
Robotech: The Macross Saga - Ep. 1

I Vernin, give it an 8 out of 10 
Macross at times got a little too repetitive for me and that is a point loss. Also the fact that you hear Minmei's little song like more than 40 times gets it another point loss. But overall the scrappy animation is not a bother, rather a look into the past. And the story is hard for me to forget. 
So I suggest checking it out if you a fan of the Mecha genre. 

Product - Tombow MONO Zero Precision Erasor. 
    For those precise and technical illustrators out there, The Tombow precision erasors are a must have item. They are held like a pencil and come in many different sizes and shapes. The refill packs are not very expensive either, so you can be erasing for years to come. 
    I just recently got my order in the mail, in it was the Tombow MONO Zero 2.3mm erasor and two refill packs. With the shipping, it came out to be about 15 USD. Because I do small, technical pencil drawings, this thing was a godsend for me. It's literally like having a mechanical pencil that has an erasor in place of lead.

Here is the model that I have. 

And here is a link to the website I got it from-
Tombow Precision Erasorz 

I Vernin, give it a 10 out of 10
It's a simple, hardy device that is not much money, it can erase areas that I didn't deem possible, and it just looks cool. (Leave it to the Japanese to make the best art supplies possible.)
I really find it tough to discover any faults in this thing. It's perfect for any technical artist and draftsman alike.   

That's it for Vernin's Reviews Volume One. I'm going to try and do these bi-weekly so be sure to keep an eye out for the next volume.

Chapter Two of Vernin's Saga is nearing completion. I had to rewrite it entirely as the first initial copy was Bad. That's what I get for smoking that happy grass.

Vernin, signing off now. Wishing you a wonderful Autumn!

    The biggest argument that I hear regarding more Police control in the United States is: "If you're not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."
Well...What the fuck!? 
The Land Of the Free should be a land in which one can smoke a Marijuana cigarette without getting hassled by some soulless, demon-pig. Seriously- cops burn in hellfire.
The Land Of the Free should think twice about how 'free' they really are.   




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