February 12, 2011

From the lands of Japan

So it has been a little while since I've sat down to create a blog-posting. I was on some travels to visit a buddy of mine in the subways of Chicago. (It's a rough place.)

So seeing as it has been awhile, there really is nothing else to do but bring you quality images from Japanese image-boards. 
It is one of my past-times to save these in folders and now, today, I bring them to you!

 J a p a n
L a n d   o f   D r e a m s . . .

|         please  |
send            |
|       dream      |
|              soon |
 0(" )o

you must wait for them
. . . 

. . .

. . .

But in the end, the waiting pays off. 
 ( Japan dreams are fucking great. )
You find many things.
Some more wondrous than others.

 And Ultimately you realize that: The Void is not too bad and that you wish to visit on a regular basis, for Vernin will do the same for you!

o-o--- More to come later tonight! ---o-o
o- At the moment I do not have access to all of my folders -o
o-o--- Tune in and drop out with Vernin at anytime! ---o-o


  1. I like your pictures. And I love anime. This is a cool blog.

    I'll follow it. =)